WOD - Sunday, 6.21.2015

What a day!

We just wanted to congratulate all the people that participated today in our in house CrossFit Total competition.  It's days like this that are a direct reflection of how hard you all work on a daily basis.  Improvements like the ones we saw today don't happen by accident.  So also a big shout out to our resident programmer and head coach Keith Van Wickler who organized a kick-ass program for the last 10 weeks.  Hard work and good programming = magic.  

It was fun to watch all the successes, listen to the PR bell ringing and hear the cheers from everyone in the gym after every big lift.  It was a great atmosphere to be in.

For those who couldn't make it, today was an amazing day where everyone PR'd at least 1 of their lifts and some who PR'd all 3 of them.  

Congratulations and we hope you are all proud of yourselves!


Warm up: 10 Push ups 10 sit ups 10 squats 10 burpees 

Partner WOD: 60 KB swings 53/35# 50 wall ball 20/14# 40 TTB 30 burpee box jump 3 rounds for time. one partner works at a time. partners must finish all reps of a movement before moving on to the next

Performance Care (11AM)
10 lunge to instep Duck walk length of the gym 10 burpees
1 minute PVC pass through standing
1 minute PVC pass through on the floor
1 minute PVC pass through in a squat

10 Sots press 10 Lateral Box step up to max height 10 Kossacks with bar in back rack position (add weight if possible) 10 Goblet squat press out 8 minutes for quality

Accumulate 2 minutes in the bottom of an overhead squat with an empty bar.

8 minutes for quality 
20M Barbell overhead carry (weight appropriately)
10 steps 1 arm overhead walking lunge (use a KB) Switch hands 10 step 1 arm overhead walking lunge 30 second bar hang 

Accumulate 2 minutes in the bottom of an overhead squat with a weight of your choice. Time Cap 5 minutes