WOD - Tuesday, 6.16.2015

Do you struggle in your overhead positions or are limited in your overhead mobility?  Check out Ilya Illyin above, basically the strongest dude alive right now (400+ snatch, 500+ clean and jerk).  Can you get into this overhead position without even a PVC pipe?  Keep working on that mobilit and the weight will come!

All info for this weekend's CrossFit Total Event are posted below.  Questions ask your coaches!

The 1st event of our 3 week 2007 CF GAMES competition is this Saturday June 20, 2015.  
Sign up at the desk!!!
The gym will be open at 9am and the first lift will happen at 9:30am sharp!

We will be finding our 1 REP MAX of;
-Back Squat
-Strict Press
-Dead lift
The sum of your heaviest lifts will be your score.

We will have a Men's lifting section and a Women's lifting section.  We will also have an open area to warm up each Lift.  

The competition will be conducted using the simple progression system of bar loading.
The lightest attempt in each session starts each lift and the heaviest finishes it. At no time
during normal competition does the bar reduce to a lighter weight after it has been
loaded, and at no time can the weight on the bar be lowered after the weight has been
announced as loaded.
The order in which the lifters are called to the attempt is determined by these factors, in
this order:
A)  The weight on the barbell
B)  The number of the attempt (1st , 2nd, or 3rd)

Everyone competitor will have 3 attempts to lift.  You should know your starting weight (1st attempt) as something you know you be successful at.  Your 2nd attempt should be your current or close to your current PR or close to your PR. Your 3rd attempt will be a new PR.

For all official rules you can look here.  Please note that we will be not be dividing everyone into weight categories. 



20 PVC Pass Throughs
6 Overhead Lunges (each leg)
10 PVC Rotations (each way)
10 Push Ups

5 sets:

-5 Strict Pull Ups
-8 Strict Ring Dips
-5 Pendlay Rows (will go over in class but a demo video to get a visual - https://youtu.be/uOAZGhNvPNA)

Pre-wod with an empty bar:
10 Snatch Lift Offs
10 Hang Power Snatch
10 Behind the Neck Push Press
10 Power Snatch

3 rounds with 2 minutes rest
(Start from the beginning each round. Score is total rounds+reps)

AMRAP in 3 minutes:

2 Power Snatch (135/95)
4 Box Jumps (30/24)
8 Pull Ups
16 Air Squats

3x10 GHD Sit Ups
3x45 sec. Handstand HoldS


Foot drills, 10x knee to chest to sprinter stance, 10x kossacks

4 x 400m sprints (rest 4 min between each set)

4 RFT 10-10 KB push press (26/35), 20 box jump, 30 sit up