WOD - Monday, 6.15.2015

Starting Saturday June 20th and for the following 2 weeks we will be doing our own version of the 2007 CrossFit Games!!!

Event #1 Saturday June 20th - CrossFit Total (1RM: Back Squat/ Shoulder Press/ Deadlift)

Event #2 Saturday June 27th - Jimi Gubelli 5km race

Event #3 Saturday July 4th -  For time:  1000m row then 5 Rounds of 25 pull ups, 7 Push Jerks (135/95#).

We will rank everyone performance for each event as well as a final rank for those who do all 3 events to crown the Overall 2015 Active Life Games Champion


Starting July 11th and for the following 7 weeks we will be doing a Fit for Summer Team Challenge.  This will be similar to the Team Challenge from last year.  We will have 4 different teams with Team Coaches who will help motivate and lead your TEAM to a successful finish.  The best team will be crowned Winner!!!

If you are interested in being on team sign up at the desk, entry fee will be $20.00.

Programing Notes! *****DELOAD WEEK***** -- Deload Week kick off  this week giving your bodies a chance to recover before crushing big lifts during this weekend's CrossFit Total.  Make sure to scale appropriately in your strength and WODs so you can effectively recharge before starting the next strength cycle!

5 Elbow to Instep w/Rotation (each side)
5 Cossacks (each side)
10 Sit Ups
30 sec. Superman Hold

Back Squat 5x1@85% of 1RM

Pre-wod with an empty bar:
10 Clean Lift Offs
10 Hang Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
10 Squat Cleans


Squat Clean Thrusters (115/85)
Toes to Bar

3x12 Weighted Step Ups (each leg)


400 m run,10 PVC pass thru (standing/ squat), 10 PVC thrusters, 10 PVC OHS, 10 boot straps, 10 kossacks, 5 inch worm

16 min EMOM A) 8-10 strict pull ups B) 8- 10 dips C) 200 m sprint D)rest

10 min AMRAP 20 KB swings (53/35), 12 Wall Ball (20/14), 8 Burpees