WOD - Saturday, 6.13.2015

All the LULU ... Lululemon will be in the gym this Saturday June 13th from 9-12.
They will have all types of products perfect for summer. 

15% off for anyone with a level 1 and free product for first 30 people to purchase anything here.


Signup for Coach Joe's Weightlifting class (9-1030)... you'll clean.. you'll snatch... you'll jerk... and you'll do it again!


Warm up 

2 rounds
400 meter run
10kb swing
10 burpee

WOD 1 (with a partner)
Burpees/Toes to Bar
Partner 1 does 30 burpees, then 30 t2b, then Partner 2 does 30/30, and so on.

WOD 2 (in a team of 4, one person works at a time -- two guys two girls if possible)
100 KB Snatches (53/35) -- alternating arms, from the ground
100 burpees
100 1 arm thrusters (alternate however)

Only 2 KBs per team.... KBs can never rest on the ground (even during the burpees)  No resting on the foot -- keep them above the knees!
If kbs hit the ground, 5 burpee penalty for the whole team, each