WOD - Sunday, 5.10.2015

The ladies hitting the Muderalla!

The ladies hitting the Muderalla!

Community Fitness (10AM)
Warm up 

10 pass through 
10 inchworms
10 pass through 
10 mountain climber each leg
10 pass through 

As a group

Hold bottom of push-up for 1 min
10 medium kb swing
10 full weight kb swing 


With a partner rotate through the following stations 2 minutes per station, hit each station 2x (20 minutes total) (4 people per station)

1. Sprint sled (empty for the ladies, 25s for the boys) (partner rests)
2. Kettlebell swings 53/35 (partner in plank)
3. Toes to bar (partner hangs)
4. Single arm Farmers carry (start at end of driveway and walk to Ralph's = 1 rep) 70/53 - both partners going at same time. 
5. Rest

Score is total combined reps completed

Performance Care (11AM)

Toe walk 20M
Heel walk 20M
Walking lunge 20M
Backward walking lunge 20M

3 Sets
Lateral box step ups x 10
Shoulder pass though x 10

Paused PVC OHS x 20

With 70% 1 RM Power clean perform as many unbroken reps of: Power clean
Rest approximately 4 minutes

OHS Workout:

3 rounds for quality
6 OHS or Power clean (based on test results)
60M Farmer carry 140/106#
6 Good morning
6 strict toes to bar