WOD - Thursday, 5.28.2015

Jeremy and John S. doing work

Jeremy and John S. doing work

CrossFit 1525 in Houston, Texas was one of our biggest supporters after King of the Beach got hit by Sandy.  The owner of the gym just took over a foot of water and she took care of us in our time of need raising over $1000. We would like to pay it forward.  As a community we are going to donate towards their recovery. We would love members of our gym to chip in as well. There is a donation box on the front counter. We will be ending the fund raiser on Sunday and sending a check monday. You can write checks to "CrossFit King of island park" or just drop cash in. We will take a photo of the check and the letter we send with it before we send. If you would like us to include your name in the letter, just drop it in with your donation. Thank you for helping us pay it forward!


Foot Drills
20 Single Leg Toe Touches
20 Samson Lunges
Broad Jump/High Jump One Length


10x1 Deficit Dynamic Deadlift @40-50% of 1RM]
(Stand on top pieces of blocks -- black topped ones or 45 lb plates) -- Tight setup and position is critical here!

3x10 Weighted Step Ups (each side)


Double Unders
KB Swings (53/35)

400m run, 5x 1inch worm + 3 push ups, 12 hollow rocks, 6 candles tick stand up
12 superman rocks, 10 beat swings

8 min EMOM 4-4 Single leg step ups with KB onto box

3 RFT: 400m run, 15 KB swings, 10pull ups