WOD - Sunday, 5.24.2015

Community Fitness (10AM)

3 Rounds, 10 Toe Touches, 10 Partner anchored Situps, 10 Partner Leg Raises, 10 Air Squats hold every other squat for 10 seconds


While one partner runs 400 meters, the other does the movement, then the partners switch

Round 1 max sit ups

Round 2 max overhead walking lunges 45/25

Round 3 max wall climbs 

Round 4 max burpees

Score = time for all 8 rounds AND total reps completed -- Both partners do both parts. One works while the other runs then they switch

Performance Care (11AM)

Warm Up, 3 Rounds Ankle Dorsi Flexion 8 reps, 10 Box Hip Lifts, 10 Heidens, 10 Pass Through.

Establish sub 20 rep max hand held box step up above knee height on left and right leg.

Establish sub 20 rep max muscle clean.

Establish Max distance carry with 25% of 1rm deadlift.

3 rounds for quality, 200 meter jog, 10 hips down push-up, 10 High Pulls Each Arm 45/25