WOD - Thursday, 5.21.2015

Memorial Day Murph heat signups are up at the front desk.  Sign-up is mandatory if you want your choice of start times.  The Hero WOD Murph celebrates a local hero and represents no better way to honor him then taking on this WOD for Memorial Day.

Run 400m

Foot Drills
10 Beat Swings
30 second Pull Up Bar Bottom Hang
10 Push Ups with Rotation (alternating) -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHQ_E-f5278

In 15 minutes, find a 3RM Behind the Neck Press

Run 800m


5 rounds:
6 Pull Ups
11 Push Ups
16 Air Squats


Run 800m


200m farmers carry on each arm,
400m run x 2
3 rounds for quality of

12 hand release push up, 12 air squats, 12 KB swings

20 min EMOM
A) 3 burpees + 10 wall ball,
B) 8 KB swings (53/35) + 8 Toes 2 bar
C) 10 airsquats + 10 box jumps
D) 30 sec front plank hold