WOD - Tuesday, 5.12.2015

Our Memeber Randi Shelowitz WON the elite Masters Division at the Spartan Race this past weekend!

Bring a friend day Sunday May 17th at 10 am!

Sign up for the Jimi Gubeulli 5km race on June 27 here in Island Park.  YAY RUNNING

Run 400m

Foot Drills
5 Shoulder Rotations (top of push up position)
5 Inch Worm+Push Up
10 Beat Swings
15 second 1 arm Hang (each arm)

EMOM for 16 minutes
A. 1-3 Rope Climbs (legless as long as possible)
B. 5 Single Arm KB Press (each arm)
C. 5-10 Strict Pull Ups
D. 20-30 second Bottom of Ring Dip Hold

3 rounds:

Run 200m
11 Toes to Bar
200m Plate Carry (45/25)
5 Muscle Ups*

*Scale Options:
-Scale number of muscle ups
-Replace/alternate bar muscle ups if they are easier
-1 hardest push variation+1 ring row per rep

-Total of 50 PVC Pass Throughs. Break when necessary. Challenge grip width as your shoulders open up.

Bilateral Farmers carry (out the gym door and back),
30 sec top of pull ups hold,
Farmers carry,
30 sec bottom pull up hold,
Farmers carry,
30 sec top of ring dip,
Farmers carry,
30 sec bottom of ring dip.

2 rounds of row 400m, rest 30 seconds, 400 m run, rest 1 min

5 RFT: 10 dips, 12 box jump overs, 14 Alternating KB push press (26/35)