WOD - Wednesday, 4.8.2015

Awesome watching champions sprawled out after 15.5 (you may also notice me creeping in the background)


This Friday from 1-3PM is the CrossFit Kids open house.  Sign-up sheet is at the Front Desk.  Kids Classes will officially kick back off on Sundays starting on the 19th.

This Sunday we will be doing a Bring a Partner WOD at 10AM.  This person does not have to have any CrossFit experience (we will program this workout to be a burner, but extra inclusive).  This is a great opportunity to bring in a friend who may have interest in joining or learning what Active Life Athletics is all about!  

Row 250m
20 Toe Touches
10 Lunges (each side alternating)
5 Single Leg Toe Touches (each side alternating)
5 Jumping Lunges (each side alternating)
10 Knee to Shoulder (each side)
10 Tuck Jumps (singles)


Deadlift 6x3
Kneeling Jumps 2-1-2-1-2-1

*Deadlift weights by feel, no heavier than 85% of 1RM

We will go over knee jumps and progressions in class. This will give you a better idea:


EMOM for 15 minutes:

A-5 Touch and Go Deadlifts (60% of 1 RM)+5 Toes to Bar
B-Row 200/150m
C-8 Box Jumps (36/30)

Fitness (11AM, 7PM)

3 rounds
10 leg swings
10 beat swings,
10 burpees,
10 sit ups

EMOM for 8 min
6 pistols (do them on a box if they cant do pistols on the ground.)

7 min AMRAP
7 burpees,
7 KB swings,

2 min rest

6 min AMRAP 
6 toes to bar,
6 KB deadlift,

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP 
5 push ups,
5 goblet squats