WOD - Tuesday, 4.21.2015

Please be on the lookout for a black KIP pullover -- Ginny's medium sweatshirt vanished on Saturday.  If you have tips or any hot leads please contact our masters champ!


Run 200m
5 Inch Worm+Push Up
High Knees (one length)
Butt Kicks (one length)
10 leg swings+pull
15 second Handstand Hold
Foot Drills

3 rounds NFT (15 minutes)

-10 Single Arm KB Strict Press (Each Arm)
-10-20 second Hold Bottom of Ring Dip
-8 Strict Pull Ups (add weight if possible)
-10-20 second Ring Support (top of ring dip)


With an empty bar:
10 Clean Lift Offs
10 Clean Pulls
10 Power Cleans

4 Rounds:

400m run
6 Handstand Push Ups
6 Power Cleans (205/135)

Accessory work:
Band Scapula Activation Drills
5 second concentric (pull) 5 seconds eccentric (negative)
Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and together throughout.

1.Starting from over head with a wide grip on a thin band, pull the band apart until it crosses in front of your face and reaches your chest. Return to overhead for 10 reps.
2. Starting from in front of your body, same grip. Pull the band apart until it reaches your chest. 10 reps
3. Same as #1 but go behind your head to your shoulders. 10 reps


400 run or row,
10x knee to chest to sprinter stance, elbow to floor.

3 rounds

10 Russian KB swings,
10 hollow rocks

For 10mins, climb the ladder, adding 5 reps
5 wall ball,
5 cal row,
5 burpees,
10 wallballs,
10 cal row,
10 burpees