WOD - Monday, 4/12/15

We had a busy house this weekend. Our bring a friend day was a big success and everyone seemed to have a great time and get a great workout. The next bring a friend day will be Sunday, April 26. Tell your friends to get ready now!

Warm Up

200m Run

High Knees (one length)
Butt Kicks (one length)
High Jump/Broad Jump (one length)

With an empty bar:

5 Goodmornings
5 Push Press Behind the Neck
5 Clean Lift Offs
5 Power Cleans
5 Shoulder to Overhead


Back Squat

4x4@80% of 1RM

1 set every 2:30



Review Bear Complex (Clean-Front Squat-Shoulder to Overhead-Back Squat-Back to Overhead)


400m Run
5 Bear Complex (135/95)
400m Run
5 Bear Complex (135/95)
400m Run
3 Bear Complex (185/125)
400m Run
3 Bear Complex (185/125)


Fitness WOD 

Will be announced during class.