WOD - Sunday 3.29.2015

Community Fitness (10am)

Warm up


200 meter run
10 push-ups
10 walkin lunges each leg

25 min amrap
With a partner

5 t2b each - partner hangs
10 hspu each partner in plank
15 KB each 53/35 partner in bottom of air squat
20 burpee box jump overs each alternating
400 meter run together

Mobility - 15.5 recovery (11am)

Establish minimum distance pass thru. Then 20 reps 1 inch wider on each side

2 sets 10 reps shoulder press to behind neck press 45/35 (front back =1)
20 inch worms 

4 Rds for quality

250 meter row
10 lateral step over each leg 24/20
10 wall balls
10 ring dips 


15.5 (12pm)

If for some bizarre reason you want to redo 15.5, or you haven't hit it yet, 12pm is the time to do it!  Come in with a plan and strategy.  We will partner you up and run two heats!