WOD - Sunday, 3.15.2015

Congratulations to Shawn who hit a massive PR 300# deadlift today in open gym! Hard work and dedication to the process will pay off. 


The next Friday Night Lights will be Friday, 3/27 at 6pm. That's not a typo, we will be starting at 6pm. The workout will be whatever 15.5 is and we will all be there doing it together. If you can't make it until later on just let us know and we will schedule you in a later heat.

AFTER the opens are over, we will be going back to Hero WOD Fridays. Yea baby!


We will all be heading over to Jetty in the West End of Long Beach for a party. We will have open bar and pass around appetizers from 9:30-11:30 for only $15 per person! Your friends and family who are not members are welcome to come too, their price is $25. We will have a sign up at the front desk. We hope to see EVERYONE at the bar whether you are participating in the opens or not. Don't want to drink? No problem. Come anyway.

Active Recovery - Based on recovery fromm 15.3

400 Meter Run

5 Minutes to Establish Max Height Step up 

2 Sets alternating legs (no rest between) 7 Step ups, 3 inches lower than 1RM.

2 sets, 10 reps 30 seconds rest empty barbell behind the neck press (if very light increase to up to 65#)


Buy in 800 Meter Jog

2 rounds

15 Push-Ups

20 Walking Lunges (Left/Right = 2)

200 Meter Farmer's Carry 53/35

Cash out 800 Meter Jog


Community Fitness

Warm Up

400 Meter Run

Junk Yard Dog 10 Reps Each


With a Partner (Running partner sets the pace, when running partner returns, working partner starts the run. Each partner does both movements before advancing to next movement)

Partner A: 400 Meter Run

Partner B: Max KB Swings 53/35

Partner A: 400 Meter Run

Partner B: Max Push-Ups

Partner A: 400 Meter Run

Partner B: Max Toes to Bar

Partner A: 400 Meter Run

Partner B: Max Burpees

Score = Time to complete and total reps