WOD - Monday, 3.2.15

Remember to submit your open score to Games.CrossFit.com!  We need to have your score locked in by 12pm tomorrow so that it can be validated.  You can still sign-up for the open through that point.  After that and you'll miss your chance.  So excited to see so many of you giving it a try.

Reminder: No open gym at 5am on Wednesdays and Fridays for the next four weeks.

Monday's Workout

Row 250m
5 Elbow to Instep+Rotation (in place, each side alternating)
5 Squat Thoracic Rotation (each side alternating)
15-30 second Chin Over Pull Up Bar Hold (overhand grip)       
-scale to 5 reps of 5 second banded negative if unable to hold


In 15 minutes, build to a heavy set of 10 Front Squats.
(No more than 2 attempts or full sets of 10)


1-Row 20/15 Calories
2-8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
3-AMRAP 7 Thrusters (95/65)+7 Burpees Over the Bar

*Score is total rounds+ reps on part 3

Cool Down: 10 minutes on bike/rower at very easy pace (note: cool down to be performed after class, optional)


Mobility Hips- boot strap x5, kossacks x 4 each leg,
Adductor rocks 10x each leg.
Shoulder banded distraction 1 min each arm.

Death by Burpee start with 3 or 5.
Add 2 every EMOM for 10min

3 Rounds for time
Row 300m
10 jumping Lunges
10 push ups
10 KB Swings (53/35)