WOD - Sunday, 3.1.15

The Open has arrived!  You still have one more day to sign-up.  So excited to have had 60 of you already take the plunge!  Do it at games.crossfit.com.

Reminder:  Sunday schedules are as follows: 10am Community Fitness.... 11am Active Recovery.... 12pm... OPEN THROWDOWN - cheer on your friends or do it again yourself!

Reminder: No open gym at 5am on Wednesdays and Fridays during the open.

Not pictured (because I didn't get a photo worthy of posting), we had a very successful double under workshop Saturday. Those who attended learned new skills not taught in class that will be very helpful in the future. We are trying to bring you more and more knowledge as the year goes on. Take advantage!

Recovery Class

1. Establish Max Height Side Step Up for Each Side

1a. Then 3 sets 8 reps each leg 4 inches lower (one 45# plate is about 4 inches) - no rest between sets, do not alternate legs.

2. Establish Minimum Grip Pass Through

2a. Then 2 sets 20 reps about 2 inches wider than min grip

3. Empty Barbell Shoulder Press/Behind neck press, 2 sets, 10 reps alternating (front/back = 1)


5 Rounds for Quality

90 seconds on rower at 85% pace

5 Side Step Ups Each leg (Left for 5 THEN Right for 5) 24/20

10 Push-Ups



Warm Up

300 Meter Row

20 Air Squats

15 Ring Rows at easy angle

200 Meter Row

15 Air Squats

10 Ring Rows at moderate angle

100 Meter Row

10 Air Squat

5 Ring Rows as parallel to floor as possible



Flexy Angie with a twist in Pairs

1 athlete works while other athlete rests

50 Doubles or 50 singles

100 Pull-Ups

50 Doubles

100 Sit Ups

50 Doubles

100 Hand Release Push-Ups

50 Doubles

100 Ring Rows (RX Ring row is established by sitting under the rings upright. The rings should hang directly above shoulders. Grab them with legs out in front, lift your hips, and pull to your chest. These should be harder than pull-ups if done correctly!)


Suggested Accessory Work

30 Handstand shoulder taps

5 Minutes single arm farmer's carry HEAVY