WOD - Saturday 2.28.15

The Open has arrived!  You still have two more days to sign-up.  So excited to have had 60 of you already take the plunge!  Do it at games.crossfit.com.

Reminder:  Sunday schedules are as follows: 10am Community Fitness.... 11am Active Recovery.... 12pm... OPEN THROWDOWN - cheer on your friends or do it again yourself!

Reminder: No open gym at 5am on Wednesdays and Fridays during the open.

So psyched for everyone on this... somehow some of you even PR'd AFTER a grueling workout.  Great job.

Make sure to sign-up for Coach Joe's weightlifting class

Saturday's WOD

With a partner...

(you'll have two scores, time for the first half, rounds for the second half)

0-10 minutes (for time)


Wall balls (20/14)

Chest to bar pullups (note, if considering doing open workout again on Sunday, scale this movement)

10-20 minutes



Burpees (scale up with burpees to a target 6 inches out of reach)

Kb swings 70/53

Partner A does a full rounds (21 wall balls, 21 c2b pullups), the partner b does 21/21... Partner A does 15/15, then Partner B does 15/15... and so on.