WOD - Sunday, 2.22.15

Baby Stuch is here -- Mackenzie Laurel Pastuch - 7lbs, 4oz - 21 inches.  The exact same dimensions as Sean's head.

Some highlights from Friday Night Lights 3

Make sure to mark your calendars - Friday Night Lights 4 is 3.27.15 - it's going to be an amazing ending to the Open.  And with that.... Are you in?  Sign-up for the open at Games.CrossFit.com.  Workouts will be announced Thursday nights and held on Friday during group classes.  We would love if everyone signed up and participated.  This is all about goal setting - going into it with a goal, training for it, and by the end of the five weeks accomplishing it.  Whether it's being a little better than last year, making it to regionals, or just getting your first double-under, all goals are equally awesome!

Just a few random notes:

* Whenever you finish with a rower, please do not return the handle to the clip, but let it rest against the fly wheel.  (It's better for the rower in the long-run).  We will go over this very briefly this week

* Please try to get to class on time.  The weather has been awful lately, but some people have been skating in later and later.  Anyone not into class after the first five minutes will be very early for the next class.  This is a safety thing.  You need to be properly warmed up for a workout and not rushed right into a workout.

* If you're having trouble signing in for class, or forget, please sign into the clipboard that will be at the front desk.  This will help us keep track of class attendance and make sure your online login gets fixed.

Saturday Results

Active Recovery WOD (At 9am)

10 minutes rowing at conversational pace, damper on 1-3

3 rounds

3 inch worms with a push up

6 kossacks (ie lateral squats)

9 leg swings (each leg)

15 minutes for quality

10 GHD back/hip extensions with 1 second pause at top

10 high kneeling behind the neck shoulder press with an empty bar (think kneeling in church while shoulder pressing with a bar behind your neck)

10 hollow body rocks

10 ring rows

10 minutes

Alternating TGU 35/18#

Community Fitness (at 10am)


3 rounds not for time

5 pull-ups

10 pushups

15 air squats

With empty barbell

10 shoulder to overhead

10 deadlifts

10 squat cleans


In pairs with two barbells, for time

50 deadlifts (225/155) (while partner holds barbell at hip)

50 pullups (while partner hangs) -- scale to banded strict pullups or ring rows

50 squat cleans (135/95) (with partner holds barbell in front rack)

50 handstand pushups (while partner holds handstand) -- scale hand release pushups / partner holds plank

50 shoulder to overhead (95/65)  (partner holds barbell locked overhead)

Note: If teams of three are needed, two barbells will be used and teams will complete 75 reps of each movement, third person rests while other two work.