WOD - Friday, 2.13.15 / Sat 2.14.15 / Sun 2.15.15

I hope everyone enjoyed all the barbell cycling today! The strength from today was more like a workout and you guys handled it well. 

I won't be at the gym Friday through Sunday because I'll be in the Manhattan setting up and running Flex in the City and for that same reason I likely won't be able to get to a computer. I have posted the workouts below for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Our community has a history of making a so, so presence at local competitions. We never made it important. I hope we can change that. There is not better way to build our community than to go to competitions together and support one another. Whether the CrossFit Games, a Flex Event, or something local we think we should be getting behind, I hope going forward we turn out in large numbers. For that reason we are going to do everything we can to support you when you compete. We will help you choose the right competitions to go to and when you do, we will be there behind you. The photo below is an example of what I'm talking about. Good luck Dan, Ed, Melissa, and Kristin this weekend at Flex in the City! Anyone who wants to come support is welcome, there is no charge for our members at the door, just wear your black shirt and tell them where you are from.


Warm Up

Squat Mobility 2.0




In 20 minutes, go as heavy as possible:

3 Back Squats+1 Behind the Neck Jerk



6 Rounds:

10 Lunges (135/95)

8 Shoulder to Overhead

30 Abmat Sit Ups



Inch worm 2x

walking lunges 2x

kossack 2 x


EMOM for 8 min

30 double unders/ 60 singles



18min AMRAP

20 burpees

30 wallballs

20 pull ups

30 alt. KB snatches (53/35)


30 TTB

20 Pistols


Saturday Fitness

Warm Up

3 Rounds for Quality

250M Row

20 Burpees

20 Walking Lunges (Left Right = 2)




20 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

15 Air Squats



Sunday Active Recovery

-1 set, 20 Reps - Inch Worm to Push-Up

- 2 Sets, 10 reps, 30 seconds rest – Barbell Roll Out

- Accumulate 2 Minutes Bottom of a front Squat at 40% 1RM

- Establish Max Height to perform body weight lateral Step up with each leg

- 2 Sets, 10 Reps (complete all reps on one side before moving to the other), 85% Max Height – Lateral Step Ups


5 Rounds for Quality

250M Row

10 GHD Sit-Ups

5 Lateral Step Overs Each Leg Alternating – Use an assistance band in the squat rack to step over (as high as you can)


Sunday Community Fitness

Warm Up

3 Rounds Not for Time

4 Wall Climbs

10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

20 KB Swings 53/35


With a Partner (if there are more than 20 people in class, teams will be 3 person teams and the reps will be multiplied by 1.5)

Fill The Buckets - Athletes will work in pairs to complete the following, each athlete may be doing something at all times. Once a movement's max number of reps are completed by the pair, the movement is dead. Once all 4 Movements have been completed to their max, all 4 movements are once again available for work.

25 Minute AMRAP

100 Wall Balls 20/14

75 KB Snatches 53/35

50 Handstand Pushups

2000 M Row