Wod - 12.6.2015

community fitness (10am)

400m run, 15 beat swings, side shuffle length of the gym 4x (at each end of the gym do 10 air squats), 12 burpees



With a partner; 3 rounds each before they move on.  1)  Partner 1 OH hold with a bar (75/45#)/ Partner 2 5 pull ups + 20 situps, 2) 10 DL( 115/95#) at the end 10 DL hold the bar at the top/ when partner begins to hold row 300/250m.  (if your partner drops the bar- you stop rowing), 3) 16 (8 on each leg) OH walking lunges (45/25#)/ front plank

Partner 1 performs the first movement while partner 2 does the other.  They will each go through the movement 3 times before they switch to the next set of skills.