WOD - Friday, 12.4.2015

Sweatshirt Pre-Order

We are taking pre orders for Nike hooded sweat shirts.  They are $60.00 each and are an amazing quality.  We have one at the gym for you to see and an image of what they will look like.  Please pay for your pre order and we will get them to you before Christmas.

Friday Dec 4th @ 7:30pm.

For the Ladies in gym we are having our first Wine and WOD. 

Come in and WOD together and bring in a bottle (or 2) of your favorite wine (or anything else).  We will drink, eat and have fun together!!!  Sign up at the desk.

Promo 2015:

Starting Next week Dec. 7th we will be offering each of our current members the ability to offer a 30 day Membership here at CrossFit Island Park to their friends and/or family members.  When your friend and/or family member sign up you will receive a $50 credit that you can use towards membership or to purchase items from the gym such as Progenex or anything else you are interested in.

More information is available at the desk or you can talk to Anita/ Karissa or Kris if you have any questions. 

Looking for a competition to wrap up 2015?  I'll be shooting this on December 19th -- they are closing registration shortly.  Sign-up @ http://www.crossfitsolace.com/holidayfray


8 minutes for quality

20 walking lunges
30M 1 arm farmer carry each hand (3 x length of the gym)
30M 1 arm overhead carry each hand (3 x length of the gym)
5-10 push ups

Structural balance:
4 rounds
20 alternating front rack box step ups above knee height (as heavy as capable)
12 upright rows

Goal is to go as heavy as possible unbroken. Start light and build up each round *Coaches post heaviest weight for the step ups and upright rows.

Hero WOD Friday
Officer David S. Moore, 29, of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, died on January 26, 2011 from gunshot wounds suffered on January 23, 2011 when he stopped a stolen vehicle and the driver opened fire at him. He is survived by his mother Jo Ann, father Spencer, and sister Carol Bongfeldt.

AMRAP 20 Mins
1 rope climb
400M run

Score = Total HSPU or push-ups

Scale HSPU to push ups or banded push ups

**** Absolutely no resting on your head between HSPU or on the ground during your push-ups
**** HSPU only count if you begin locked out on the wall, no diving into the abmat

10 knee to chest to sprinter + rotoation, 10 boot straps, 10 kossacks, 5 inchworm to yoga push up, 1 length walking lunge, 10 air squats, 10 arm circles each direction

8 min AMRAP: 250m row, 12 wall ball, 12 KB swings
2 RFT: 200m row, 20 pull ups, 200m row, 20 KB swings (53/35#), 200m row, 20 wall ball (20/14#)