WOD - Monday, 12.21.2015


CrossFit Island Park is pleased to continue the CrossFit Kids program!  The eight week program begins on January 3, 2016 and continues on Sunday afternoons.  Sign-ups are at the front desk and can also be done by printing about the below form.

Form -- Click here to download!


Our holiday party is booked! Friday, January 8, 2016 at Speakeasy. $45 pp for top shelf open bar and appetizers from 7:30-11:30.

That price is inclusive of tax and gratuity.   Sign-up sheet is at the front desk!  Get your name on there for a night of fun that doesn't involve exercise. 


Walking lunge 1 length of the gym forward an backward Side Shuffle 3 lenths of the gym each direction Duck walk 1 length of the gym forward and backward High Knees 2 lengths of the gym 10 push ups 10 bottom of burpee 5 burpees

Then: 10 sec max burpees, rest 50 seconds 20 seconds max burpees, rest 40 seconds 10 seconds max burpees MOVE FAST!

Back Squat: 3 X 10 @ 100% 10 RM Back Squat

In 10 Minutes Climb The Ladder As High As Possible:
2 Front Squat 95/65# 2 Burpees
4 Front Squat 95/65# 4 Burpees
6 Front Squat 95/65# 6 Burpees...


partner 1 rows 200m, partner 2 bottom of the squat-switch partner 1 rows 200m, partner front plank- switch partner 1 rows 200m, partner 2 hangs on a bar- switch 5 inch worms + 1 push up 10 kossacks 1 length walking lunge

3 Rounds For Quality

15 Hollow Rocks 15 Lemon Squeezes 1 Min Plank 15 Beat Swings


300m Row, 12 Burpees, 30 DU (Sub 15 Attempts If You Cant Do DU)