WOD - Sunday, 12.20.2015


With a partner Junk yard dog, front plank hold while partner jumps over and crawls under. (The coach can set the timing of when they switch, try to get 5 chances each.)

12 beat swings,
5 inch worm + yoga push up,
10 bottom of the burpee.

With a partner:

WOD 1 10 Min Ladder 2/2, 4/4,6/6,8/8...

Burpee Over Box
Toes 2 Bar
One person works at a time

WOD 2 15 Min AMRAP

As a pair, complete, switch whenever you need to

16 Wt. OH Walking Lunges (45/25#) (8-8 On Each Leg) Partner holds plate overhead
30 Situps  - partner holds plank
30 Wall Balls (20/14#) - partner holds bottom of squat