WOD - Friday, 12.11.2015


With a light to moderate KB: 1 arm high pull 1 arm shoulder press 1 arm push press 1 arm waiter's squat 1 arm Sot's press 1 arm Overhead squat 5 reps of each on each arm.

All reps should keep a slower down, faster up tempo. The slower and more deliberate the better.

EMOM 10 Minutes: 2 X Sott's Press EMOM 10 Minutes: 2 X OHS Attempt To Increase Weight Each Minute.
Stay At A Difficult Weight And Drill It If You Can't Increase Weight And Maintain Technique

Feel Free To Share A Barbell With A Friend

Benchmark Friday

0-12 Minutes: "Diane"
Deadlift 225/155#
HSPU 21-15-9

Beginning At 12 Minute Mark: 50M Goblet Reverse Lunges 53/35# Every Time The KB Drops You Must Complete 10 Burpees.

Scale Diane Weights And HSPU So That It Is Done In Under 12 Min. Hold KB On Chest With 2 Hands For Goblet Reverse Lunges. Make It Hurt!


4 x 30 sec Assault bike sprints. 2 rounds with a KB: 8-8 high pulls, 8-8 strict press, 8-8 OH reverse lunges, 8-8 thrusters, 10 push ups, 10 boot straps.

2 rounds for QUALITY: 20 sec top of the pull up hold, 10 wall balls, 1 min bottom of the squat, 10-10 OH walking lunges with KB, 12 beat swings

15 min AMRAP: 200m run, 20 KB swings(53/35), 30 Wt. situps (25/10)