WOD - Wednesday, 11.25.2015

Thanksgiving Schedule

Wednesday - no 7,8PM
Thursday - one class, 10AM
Friday -  10AM class, open gym 11-12


Ladies Night...

On Friday Dec 4th at 7:30pm we will be hosting a Ladies Only Wine n WOD.  Please bring yourself, a bottle (or 2) of your favorite wine to drink and come out to do a great WOD with all the amazing women in our gym. I will bring some yummy finger foods for after and I am hoping for an evening of exercise, fun, laughter and friends!  Looking forward to seeing you all there. (wod first, then wine)

Please sign up at the desk if you will be coming so I can plan for how much food to bring!

(Note: Anita wrote this, I did not.  It would be very weird if I invited 50 woman to join me for wine)


1 minute max Double Unders/Attempts

20 PVC Pass Throughs
10 Single Arm KB Press (each arm-light kettlebell)
20 second Bottom of Push Up Hold
20 second Top of Push Up Hold

Gymnastics Skill: Handstand Push Ups and Handstands/Walks

Complete 2-3 sets on your level.  Not for time. (15 minutes)

Level I: Less than 1 minute handstand hold with wall support

-30 second Wall Supported Handstand Hold (facing away)
-5 Initial Handstand Kick Offs
-30 second Wall Supported Headstead Hold
-30 second Half Chinese Plank
-10 Band Supported Planche Balances

*If you are advancing to Level III or IV, choose only 3 of the movements in Level I before moving to Level II.

Level II: 1 minute or more handstand hold with wall support

-5 Wall Supported Tripod to Headstand
-5 Tripod to Push Ups
-5 Wall Supported Handstand to Tripod Negatives (singles)
-10 Handstand Kick Off to Wall Support
-20 second Freestanding Headstand Hold

Level III: 5 or more unbroken Handstand Push Ups

-10 Wall Supported or 5 Freestanding Tripod Leg Raises
-5 Freestanding Tripod to Handstand/Attempts (singles)
-10-15 second Frogstand Hold
-3x10 second Wall Facing Handstand Hold to Side Dismount

Level IV: 10 or more unbroken Handstand Push Ups

-5 Wall Walks/Climbs
-30 second Wall Facing Supported Handstand Hold
-1 set of Max Wall Facing Wall Taps
-3 Wall Facing Figure 8s
-5 Plate Walks
-Freestanding Handstand Hold and/or HS Walk Attempt

50 Double Unders
40 Sit Ups
30 Kettlebell Swings (53/30)
20 Toes to Bar
10 Handstand Push Ups

-rest 1 minute-

Max Double Unders in 1 minute

Two separate scores:

Time for Part 1

Double Unders or Singles in Part 2

Performance Care:

3x10 single Arm KB Waiters Squats (each side)


500 m row, 10 leg swings, 10 (5 on each) knee to chest to sprinter + rotation, 10 boot straps, 1 min bottom of the squat, 10 air squats

3 rounds of: 15 weighted situps, 3 wall walks(walk up and down the wall) , 9-9 weighted walking lunges

18 min AMRAP: 15 burpee over box, 12 pull up, 20 air squats