WOD - Tuesday - 11.3.2015

The season of gains came early this year.  Our October PR board is just fantastic.  Whether your goal was just getting back to the gym or snatching 250lbs.  If you weren't able to get your name on the board this month, make sure to ask yourself: are you eating right?  are you sleeping right? are you coming to class regularly? are you doing the accessory/performance care work?  If you answer no to any of these questions, you know what your goal is for November! 


Part 1:
3 rounds with 1:30 rest

3 Power Snatch @ 80%
Row 20 seconds for Calories (max effort)

-rest 5 minutes-

Part 2:
3 rounds with 1 minunte rest

12 Overhead Squats @ 50%
30 seconds Single Unders+30 seconds DUs
1 minute Max Box Jump Overs
Run 200m

-rest 5 minutes-

Part 3: For Time:

15 Handstand Push Ups (sub pike on box or KB push press)
30 Pistols (15 each. Sub weighted lunges)
45 Sit Ups


1 min of double unders, 5 inch worms to hollow hold, 10 kossacks, 10 air squats 3 sec hold, 400 m run

6 min AMRAP: 15 sit up, 20 Double unders

200m run, 20 air squats, 200m run, 20 push up, 200m run, 20 burpees, 200m run, 20 toes 2 bar