WOD - Wednesday, 11.18.2015


15 Overhead Wall Slides
20 Band Pull Aparts
10 Arm Circles Forward
10 Arm Circles Backward
5 Shoulder Rotations each side

Demo and begin with Level I

Gymnastics Skill: Handstand Push Ups and Handstands/Walks
(25 minutes)

Level I: Less than 1 minute handstand hold with wall support

-30 second Wall Supported Handstand Hold (facing away)
-5 Initial Handstand Kick Offs
-30 second Wall Supported Headstead Hold
-30 second Half Chinese Plank
-10 Band Supported Planche Balances

*If you are advancing to Level III or IV, choose only 3 of the movements in Level I before moving to Level II.

Level II: 1 minute or more handstand hold with wall support

-5 Wall Supported Tripod to Headstand
-5 Tripod to Push Ups
-5 Wall Supported Handstand to Tripod Negatives (singles)
-20 second Freestanding Headstand Hold

Level III: 5 or more unbroken Handstand Push Ups

-10 Wall Supported or 5 Freestanding HS Leg Raises
-5 Freestanding Tripod to Handstand/Attempts (singles)
-10-15 second Frogstand Hold
-3x10 second Wall Facing Handstand Hold to Side Dismount

Level IV: 10 or more unbroken Handstand Push Ups

-5 Wall Walks/Climbs
-30 second Wall Facing Supported Handstand Hold
-1 set of Max Wall Facing Wall Taps
-3 Wall Facing Figure 8s
-5 Plate Walks
-Freestanding Handstand Hold and/or HS Walk Attempt

AMRAP in 11 minutes:

3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Front Squats
30 Double Unders

1 min DU, 10 beat swings, 1 min calf strech against the wall or rig, 10 boot straps, 10 kossacks, 10 toe touches.

Annie: DU, situps, 50-40-30-20-10

3 RFT: 8 burpee pull up, 8-8 wt. walking lunges (45/25), 10 ground to OH (45/25).