WOD - Monday, 10.19.2015

This is what it's all about right here!  Such an awesome turnout for Barbells for Boobs!  

Because of all your efforts, we've already raised $3,321 this year!  There's still time to contribute.  Either start your own page or contribute to the team page.  The link for the team page will be here all week. Big thanks to Anita for organizing the whole event and everyone who helped haul gear back and forth!

I'll have everyone's pretty photos up by the end of the week!


5 Squat Thoracic Rotations
15 second Pull Up Bar Bottom Hang
8 Wall Balls as high as possible

With an empty bar: 30 second Hook Grip Front Squat Hold

Front Squats:
1x10@50% of 1RM
1x8@60% of 1RM

3x10 Strict Pull Ups:
These can be completed in between sets or immediately after, or even after the WOD. Use a band as necessary. All sets unbroken. It is perfectly fine to start with no band and then add/increase band thickness as you get fatigued.


For time:

100 Wall Balls (20/14)
For every drop, perform 10 Burpees.

3x10 Single Arm KB High Pulls (each side)
3x5 Single Arm KB Overhead Squats w/3 sec. pause at bottom (each side)


400m run, 10 arm circles (forward/back/ across chest), 5 inch worm to hollow hold,
1 length walking samson stretch

5 min AMRAP 10 KB swings, 10 Situps

4 RFT: 200m run, 12 box jump, 24 air squats