WOD - Thursday, 10.15.2015

Get your heats locked in for this Sunday's Barbells for Boobs event!  Whether you've done Grace before or not, this is the time to hit it for a cause.


Go as high possible on:

0-7 minutes: Standing Box Jump.(no step)
7-14 minutes: Knee Jump
14-21 minutes: PVC Jump

5 rounds for time:

10 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)

10 Weighted Sit Ups (45/25)

*Compare to 12/3/2014


5 toe touch to inch worm, 1 min couch stretch (each leg), 10 beat swings, 5 strict pull ups, 1 length samson walk.

3 rounds for QUALITY: 10 GHD situps, 10 light Wall ball to higher target, 5 strict pullups, 1 min plank hold

5 RFT: in 1:30sec, run 200m and complete as many reps as possible of box jumps in the remaining time. 2 min rest.