WOD - Saturday, 1.9.15

Reminder - Krissy Mae Cagney Seminar is at 3pm Saturday. Please come a few minutes early.

SIGN UP - For Kait's game plan seminar. It's going to be a lot of fun and will help you better perform your workouts!

Dr. Chris will be on site Saturday morning from 9-12 doing FREE VO2themaxx testing. Want to know what kind of a pace you should be working at during group WOD to burn the most fat for yourself? You should take the test.



Remember, Saturday starts our new weekend schedule.  

Weightlifting and Fitness at 9am

Fitness at 10am

Open gym from 11-12    *There is no longer open gym at 10am, it is 11-12.

Sunday Schedule is 9am Mobility/Active Recovery, 10am Community Fitness, 11am open gym.

Get your fitness on this weekend!


Warm Up

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Pushups

10 Strict Pull Ups 



Station to Station like last Saturday - 2 Minutes Per station, 30 Seconds Between Stations, 2 Min Break after full Rotation, 2 Rotations

2 Min - Toes to Bar

2 Min - KB Snatch (Alternating Arms)

2 Min - HSPU

2 Min - Weighted Walking Lunge (45/25)


Accessory Work

3 Rounds not for time, 15 GHD Hip Extensions