WOD - Monday, 1.5.15

I can't tell you all enough how much I enjoy coming in to a Sunday morning class and seeing 30 people ready to rock. The commitment you guys put forth towards your fitness is inspiring to not just me but all of your coaches. We can't possibly take a day off without looking at the blog and seeing that so many of you came in to put in the work. Thank you again for helping us stay the course. 2015 is your year, keep it up.

*** Schedule Reminder - Open gym for this week will begin at 12pm and will end at 5pm WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MONDAY. 

MONDAY OPEN GYM SCHEDULE is noon to 3:45 sharp. We have CrossFit Kids coming in at 4pm on Monday's for the remainder of the winter. Please respect the kids program and have your workout space cleaned up prior to 3:45.

If you come to open gym, please write your name on the white board so we can sign you in. Open gym will be added to the schedule by mid day tomorrow and we would appreciate it if you sign in whenever you plan to come. Thank you.

SIGN UP - for Krissy Mae Cagney's Flexible Dieting seminar is at the front desk. 28 of you have signed up. Get yourself on the list, she is one of the most sought after Dietitians on the planet.

SIGN UP - for Kait's game planning your WOD seminar will be at the front desk tomorrow before the 9:30 class ends. The seminar is free, get on the list, Kait and our other coaches are excited to help you.

***We are going to begin contacting your friends for whom you have a gift certificate for distribution. If you haven't given it to them yet, do so!  You have 2 more weeks to claim your 5 if you have friends who want to join.

Last up - Anita is here. Anita will be taking on coaching classes and spending plenty of time helping with the administrative duties in the gym. She is your immediate "go-to" if myself or Keith are not around or if you want to ask questions about membership or anything in general. Please introduce yourself to her Monday, and say hello to her every day there after.


OK, on to the WOD.

Warm Up

3x30 seconds of Double Unders or Double Under attempts with 30 seconds rest

Walking elbow to instep with rotation (1 length)

Tabata Squat Hold with Frog stand/Tripod rest (4 minutes)



Front Squat 6x6@70% of 1RM Front Squat

1 set every 2:30

WOD - All programming between now and late February is geared towards getting you as fit as possible and also preparing for the types of workouts seen in the CrossFit Games Open. Scale Up options will be available for WODs going forward and will be announced during class at the white board just like scale down options. More to come on this in tomorrow's blog.

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

9 Power Cleans (135/95)

12 Hand Release Push Ups

15 Games Standard Box Jumps (24/20)