WOD - Sunday, 2.1.15

What a day at the gym today! We had almost 80 people come in to the gym today! Not bad for a Saturday. Great job, you guys are kicking ass!

Active Life Athletics makes you attractive, more proof... Gina and Matt. Gina is one of our 8 pregnant members!

Weightlifting class is awesome. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, put the time aside and come give it a whirl. You won't regret it.

So I'm having some phone trouble and I can't get the photo of the scores up. Sorry everyone. Scores were all just fine today.

Active Recovery - 9am

Kossacks Down and Back

2 sets, 10 reps Squatted PVC Pass Throughs

2 sets, 10 reps Prone PVC Pass Throughs

3 Sets, 5 Reps Zotts Press

Accumulate 2 minutes in the bottom of a front squat (running clock)



5 Rounds for Quality

250 Meter Row

5-10 GHD Sit-Ups

10 Lateral Step Overs


Community Fitness

In Pairs

0-5 min Max HSPU While partner hold extended arm plank

6-10 min Max Doubles while partner hang from pull-up bar

11-25 min 1,1,1 2,2,2 3,3,3 4,4,4... Alternating Athletes until you reach the round of 10 at which point you can break up however -  KB Snatches (53/35), walking lunges, push-ups

score is total reps for EACH INTERVAL