WOD - Thursday, 1.29.15

So we got a lot of people telling us how much they liked the programming on Tuesday when we had limited scheduling. For those of you who weren't there, the workout was long, hard, and heavy. We got so much positive feedback that we decided you will be seeing a workout like this once per week until further notice. 

Friday Night Lights has been postponed one week. We will have Friday Night Lights on Friday, Feb 6.

If you weren't in today, make sure you grab your member's shirt next time you come to the gym. They are free, and they are awesome.

If you want wrist wraps, please sign up for the pre-sale at the front desk The presale will end next Wednesday.


Warm Up

Row 250m

Broad jump/high jump one length

3 sets:

5 clean lift offs + 5 clean pull Unders


4x3 squat cleans from above knee@60%


8x300m Row with 1:1 rest or alternating with a partner

Start at 80% of 500m pace and increase pace each round


Warm Up

10 KB Swings Light

10 KB Swings Medium

10 KB Swings Working Weight

Then, 2 Rounds

20 Pushups

10 Toes to Bar

10 Box Jumps


With a continuously running clock:

0-8 minutes

KB swings 53/35#

Toes to bar


8-16 minutes

KB swings 53/35#

Box jumps 24/20”


16-24 minutes

10 Burpee overbox jump

20 Sit-Ups