WOD - Saturday, 1.24.15

Coach Joe is back! Sign in. I expect this class to be full tomorrow, don't regret not signing in tonight.

Saturday at Noon, Dr. Jeremy will be giving a Squat Mobility Seminar in the gym. Jeremy and I have been asked by a bunch of gyms on long Island and in the City to come speak to their members about mobility, we would love the chance to have our first run at it with you guys, if you are at all on the fence, please come. There is no charge for the workshop, it will take 90 minutes or so and will not be rigorous but you should wear active attire and plan to do a very light workout as well as learn a lot about your personal mobility in the squat and how to improve it.

Saturday from 9am-noon Dr Chris will be performing his VO2Max testing. Get on that sign up sheet at the front desk.


Warm Up

3 Rounds not for time

40 Jumping Split Lunges (Each Leg 1)

10 Push-Ups

10 Sit-Ups


In Teams (size to be determined based on attendance)


Overhead Kettlebell Carry 70/53



Candlestick  Pistols

Your team will be called on to do as many reps of each movement as possible, teams cap out at 50 reps before being able to continue a given movement until ALL 4 movements have reached 50.