WOD - Friday, 1.23.15


Saturday at Noon, Dr. Jeremy will be giving a Squat Mobility Seminar in the gym. Jeremy and I have been asked by a bunch of gyms on long Island and in the City to come speak to their members about mobility, we would love the chance to have our first run at it with you guys, if you are at all on the fence, please come. There is no charge for the workshop, it will take 90 minutes or so and will not be rigorous but you should wear active attire and plan to do a very light workout as well as learn a lot about your personal mobility in the squat and how to improve it.

Saturday from 9am-noon Dr Chris will be performing his VO2Max testing. Get on that sign up sheet at the front desk.

Saturday at 9am - Weightlifting with Coach Joe is back! Do it again.

Who left their beautiful necklace at the gym today? Or is this someone's way of helping me out with a valentine's day gift for Kim? It's in a safe place in the office, please email if it's yours.

You can't fake that excitement! Congratulations Karissa on your first box jump!

Heather is the third Active Life Athletics Woman to get a muscle up this month! Coming into this month we had exactly 3 women in the whole gym who had a muscle up, now we have doubled that number in the first 22 days of 2015! It's working. Congrats Heather!

Secret Project. What is it? It's all for you.

Warm Up

Squat Mobility Warm Up


10 minutes to build to 85% of 1RM Back Squat



Back Squat 8x3 @ 85%

One set every 2:30



AMRAP in 11 minutes:

9 Toes to Bar

12 Deadlifts (155/105)

15 Wall Balls (20/14)


Fitness - 11am, You won't call in Fit to work!

Warm up:
Inch worm 1 length of the gym
Reverse Prisoner lunge 1 length of the gym
Kossack walk 1 length of the gym each direction

20 Hip taps hanging from the bar

With a partner - Break up however needed, but each partner does minimum 40%
100 Wall balls
100 CTB Pull ups
100 Pistols
100 alt KB Snatches