WOD - Saturday, 1.3.15

Adnan and Krysta just got back from Thailand, we love having them back so much that we greeted them with a kettlebell and a plethora of Turkish Getups.

Our Resident retired gymnast, Greg demo-ing Skin the Cats for the busy 5pm.

Remember to Sign in for Weightlifting class with Coach Joe! If you plan to come to Joe's class Saturday, get a good night's sleep tonight. For those of you who have not come yet, it's no joke. We will auto debit your accounts rather than having you bring cash each time from now on, so you do not need to bring $10 with you if you have taken class before. 

Endurance Class does not have a cap so feel free to sign in and come regardless of what's already on there.



The Coach Joe Special - Volume


Endurance this week will be a pure aerobic workout. It won't feel extremely hard while you are doing it, but we will be taxing your nervous system and your lungs in a way that is very different than typical group class.

3 Rounds - 2 Minutes Rest between Rounds

2 Minutes at Each Station, no time between Transitions

Station 1 - Max Calories Row 

Station 2 - Max Push-Ups

Station 3 - 400 M Run (If you do not complete this in under 2 minutes, go straight to KB Press upon getting in the door)

Station 4 - Max Single Arm Kettlebell Press