WOD - Thursday, 12.3.14

Hopefully everyone enjoyed today's fast burner of a workout. We have been stepping the volume back a bit the last two days because Thursday and Friday are going to be just the opposite. 

Thursday we will have Dr. Chris performing VO2Max tests again in the afternoon, everyone who did them on Tuesday really seemed to enjoy them. Make sure to head over to him before or after class in the afternoon. 

Don't worry morning people, we have something for you too. Progenex will be coming to the gym to do some tastings. You guys might have noticed that we bought enough Progenex to earn stock in the company this week! People were asking for products that we were out of stock of so now we are back full of all of your favorite flavors. Jenna Marie will be on site for all three morning classes to answer any of your protein questions and to try all the flavors, we got a new one in... Peanut Butter Smash.


Warm Up

Row/Bike 1 minute

Crab Walk 50 ft

10 second Single Arm Pull Up Bar Bottom Hang (each arm) - This will be hard, you will feel your shoulders wanting to rotate and the grip will be difficult. Coaches will go over scaling options.


Gymnastics: (15 minutes)

3 rounds not for time, 30 seconds rest between movements:

5 Strict Pull Ups

15 second Ring Support

30 second Weight Plank  45/25 (Choose a partner to do this with)

5 Bridge Ups



5 rounds for time:

10 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)

10 Weighted Sit Ups (45/25)