WOD - Sunday, 12.21.14

Today was my first opportunity to be a student in our weightlifting class with Coach Joe. I think I learned more as an athlete in the 90 minutes today than I have learned in the last 3+ years combined. My hands and the rest of my body are paying for it right now, that's for sure, but if you are interested in improving your weightlifting efficiency and turning your frustrating misses into PR's you need to come take this class. It is amazing.

For those of you not too hung over to attend, our Sunday WOD will be in full effect. It is going to be Coach Ilch's first crack at the big time coaching class by himself, we are all very excited for him. 

Warm Up

3 rounds of the following:

10 Pass throughs (at sticking point)

10 Ring Rows

10 Air Squats

10 Walking Lunges (5 each leg)


WOD "The HANG-over"

In pairs:

10 Minute AMRAP

10 Toes to Bar Each (while one partner works, other partner hangs from bar)

10 Hang Power Cleans Each (115/75) (Both Partners have a barbell, while one works, other holds their bar)

30 doubles each (Partner holds a plank)

2 minute rest (pick up where you left off)

8 Minute AMRAP of the same movements

1 minute rest (pick up where you left off)

6 Minute AMRAP of the same movements