WOD - Saturday, 12.20.14

Friday Night Lights was amazing! We had about 50 athletes turn out again, Corey wrote some brutal programming, and everyone gave it their all. It will be tough to top tonight's workout in January, we hope to see all of you there next time!


Weightlifting with Coach Joe is at 9am tomorrow, there is plenty of room in class this week. Get in!

Endurance Class WILL NOT be capped. If you get wait listed, come anyway.

THE HOLIDAY PARTY is Saturday Night! We will meet at the gym for a few drinking games, maybe some flip cup, then head over to The Local Ale House. Meet at the gym at 8 or meet us at the bar after 9.

I think a little less than half of you actually gave us your scores from Friday Night (myself included, I'm still trying to figure out exactly where I am).


Weight Lifting - As usual, the Coach Joe Special "Do it again"




400 Meter Run

50 Feet Inch Worm

50 Feet Walking Lunges




1 - 15 Situps

2 - 10 Burpees


3 Rounds

20 KB Swings (53/35)

400 Meter Run 

*Your score is rounds completed in the EMOM and time on the workout.