WOD - Thursday, 12.18.14

If you haven't already checked your email rom yesterday, check  your email from yesterday! This is the first time we have ever run a promotion like this and the amount of value we are planning to give away excites us like you wouldn't believe! Get your list of friends and family ready, the promotional gift certificates will be at the gym by tomorrow night.

Friday - Friday Night Lights. Beach House is serving again, Progenex will be in the house, and we even have some guests who heard how awesome it is and want to stop in and join us. Get yourself on the sign up sheet Thursday! We will get you a partner if you do not already have one.

Saturday - Holiday party will start at the gym at 8pm and move to The Local Ale House in Island Park. Same venue as last year, let's fill the house. There is no cost to come if you don't want to drink. Happy hour specials will be in effect and light food will be served. We would love to celebrate another great year with everyone.


On to the Workout


Warm Up

1 minute Max Double Unders or Double Under Attempts

10 Strict Pull Ups

10 Leg Swings (each leg)

10 Lateral Leg Swings (each leg)



With a running clock, for time:

3 sets of 10 Deadlifts with 1:1 rest between sets (315/225)

-rest 1 minute-

3 sets of 20 Burpees with 1:1 rest

-rest 2 minutes-

3 sets of 20 Pull Ups with 2:1 rest

-rest 3 minutes-

200 Double Unders