WOD - Saturday, 12.13.14

Remember - Sign in for Olympic Lifting Class if you plan to attend!

Update - We WILL NOT cap endurance class. For those of you who were wait listed and did not come last week, I forgot to mention this on the blog, my apologies. We will make changes to the endurance workout accordingly so everyone can be accommodated.

Survey - The survey answers have been great. You have been honest and critical, we appreciate that. While feedback was very good, there are definitely some things that we can make better, we will. Announcements about specific survey results and our plans to improve will be made on Sunday night's blog post. Thank you again for providing your feedback.


Olympic Weightlifting

Whatever Coach Joe Programs - guys, Coach Rob is your point person on all things weightlifting class related. If there is something you would like to see or something you would like conveyed to Joe, please don't hesitate to tell Rob.


Warm Up

400 Meter Lateral Run (200 lead with your left, 200 lead with your right)

10 air squats

10 Inch Worms

250 Row


3 Rounds

800 Meter Run

250 Meter Row

15 Toes to Bar

15 Hand Release Push-Ups