WOD - Thursday, 12.11.14

Laura and Carolyn getting after it at 8pm!

Congratulations on putting in some hard work today. You probably deserve whatever you ate for dinner. I hope everyone enjoyed the new white board today, we're getting classier every day around here. Taking photos for the blog will be a work in progress to make them clear, but that's no major change from what we were previously experiencing anyway.

Big reminder - Next Friday is the next installment of Friday Night Lights! The Sign up is by the board, and it's going to be a partner wod. Try to sign up with someone of similar ability to you or someone willing to work at your level. You don't have to work out to come and if you want to come hang out and support we would love to have you, there is no need to sign up if you are not working out.


Warm Up

Row 250m

Walking Elbow to Instep with Rotation (50 ft)

10 second Single Arm Pull Up Bar Bottom Hang (each arm)


Gymnastics: (15 minutes) This is the same routine from 2 weeks ago.  

3 rounds not for time, 30 seconds rest between movements:


5 Wall Facing Handstand Push Ups

10 second Tuck Front Lever

10 V-Ups

20 second Side Plank (each side)



1000m Row


4 rounds:

10 No Push Up KB Burpee Box Overs (35/24)

10 Double Russian KB Swings

***We will run this workout in heats if necessary.