WOD - Tuesday, 12.2.14

Great job on the Garcia Jerks today. It's a great way to work on getting under the bar fast. You guys also are doing a great job with the high box jumps we have been programming. We program them for a few reasons. To help you learn to overcome fear in the gym, to work on explosive power without the load of a heavy weight, and to spare your achilles of the high volume low height rebounding box jumps that frankly are not worth doing very often.


Dr. Chris will be doing FREE VO2 Max testing tomorrow afternoon and every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon until further notice at the gym. We are going to be rolling his program out for all new members to try when they join, and we anticipate his schedule becoming very full. We want you guys to have an opportunity to experience and enjoy his tests before there is a wait on the opportunity. It will be very casual, no sign up sheet for Tuesday. The tests are fun, and will give you great insight to your own level of physical fitness and how you can improve. Take advantage of this opportunity.


Warm Up

Row 250m

3 rounds not for time:

3 No Hands Burpees - That's right.

15 Double Unders/30 singles

10 Toe Touches



In 17 minutes, find a 5RM Power Clean 

*** WHEN  you PR Tuesday, make sure you ring that PR Bell. Let everyone else celebrate with you



5 rounds for time:

40 Double Unders

10 Burpees

*Every minute on the minute complete 1 Power Clean at new 5RM weight.