Weekend Fit 11.24.2014

Kicking off this weekend was our amazing Friday Night Lights event that many of you participated in.  We'll be having at least one of these types of events each month.  Stay tuned for info on the next one!


A quick flashback to last weekend,  Ed S. dropped into CrossFit Old Bay in Annapolis, Maryland and participated in their Barbells for Boobs event.  He PR's his Grace time at 5:14.


Jeremy C took on the Philly Half Marathon with his sister and her fiance, cheered on by Jo!  Great job!

Another weekend and another podium finish for Keri and the rest of the VO2theMaxx team at the Long Island Affiliate League Championship!


Make sure to send in your awesome weekend fitness-related activities to me by Sunday night for a shoutout over here next week! (shaun.cleary@gmail.com)