WOD - Sunday, 11.23.2014

Olympic Weightlifting class was packed today and I love it. It was impossible not to learn something in today's class. Coach Joe will be with us every Saturday unless we tell you otherwise and the classes will be capped at 20 people.

For those of you who missed Friday Night Lights, you might not have heard about the new addition to the gym, the PR bell. Pictured below, the PR bell is a celebration of you and your successes. If you PR we want to know, ring the bell! It is engraved with "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

Endurance class had a solid crowd Saturday for Cindy with a twist, we love seeing the gym packed!

Sunday WOD


Walking Lunges around the Pull-up rig

20 Air Squats (Hold the bottom for 3 seconds every other rep)

10 Inch Worms



In Pairs complete the following, break up however you would like, one person works at a time, Partner holds a plank.

3K Row 

200 Doubles (if one partner cannot do doubles, attempts will count, if both partners cannot do doubles, each attempt will count as 2 doubles)

50 High Step-ups, Left/Right =2 (24/20)

40 Ring Rows