WOD - Friday, 11.21.2014

We hope everyone enjoyed working with those new barbells and clips today. Friday night lights is quickly approaching and we can't wait. If you did not get a chance to sign up but you would like to come hang out, please feel free to do so. We ended up with 44 athletes signed up to work out and we ordered food for 65. 

The following businesses will be there to support you guys:

The Beach House  /  Dough Hut  /  Gentle Brew  /  Progenex  /  VO2TheMaxx

There will be no charge for anything on Friday. VO2 Max testing with Dr. Chris, food, drinks, and increased heart rate are all free on Friday night! We hope to see you there.


Warm Up

10 Russian KB swings

10 American KB swings

10 Russian KB swings left arm

10 Russian KB swings right arm

10 KB Turkish get ups (5 each side)


3 rounds not for time, 30 seconds rest between movements:

5 Wall Facing Handstand Pushups

10 second Tuck front lever hold

10 V-ups

20 second side plank (each side)

http://gymnasticswod.com/content/tuck-front-lever  <- Click this link to see what the "Tuck Front Lever" looks like


“RKC Snatch Test”

AMRAP in 5 minutes:

KB Snatch (53/32)

*Switch hands as necessary

**Goal is 100 reps