WOD - Thursday, 11.20.2014

Did anyone else notice that today was like Christmas in November at CrossFit King of Island Park? Below are some photos of some of the new equipment that got delivered today. Everything has a place and there is nothing that we have that you are not allowed to use. This is discussed further below. Please help us keep the gym clean and organized, these changes are for you and we appreciate your help maintaining them.




The Jerk Blocks are not new but we have never had them out for common use before, they have been used more as a step stool to plug in the fan and the speakers. Your coach will help you determine the proper height for use should you choose to use them. There are only two sets of blocks when working from overhead (it turns into 4 sets when working from below the hips) so please allow someone who has difficulty bringing the bar back down from overhead to use them. If you have no problem returning weight to the front rack from overhead, the squat racks work just fine. 

Notice the clips to the far right of the photo. The clip bucket is gone. Put your clips on these posts please. If the handle plastic falls off your clip, please put it back on.

I mean is this a beautiful photo or what? We now have 11 women's bars, 5 training bars, and 21 men's bars for your use! These bars are great, please help us keep them that way. Coaches will be going over the proper way to take a bumper plate off the barbell so that the bars don't slam into the ground without bumpers on them anymore. Additionally, we have brushes in the bucket next to the barbells, please use the brushes to scrape any chalk off your barbell AT YOUR WORK STATION prior to putting them away. Mens bars on the right, women's on the left, training bars in the middle. When in doubt, start from the outside and work towards the middle when putting bars away. Let's keep this organized!

Not pictured... New wooden rings and a rope to replace the black one, they're not hung yet (Got a ladder?)

                                 Row - Row - Row Your Boat!

                                 Row - Row - Row Your Boat!

                                           Toes to Bar! 

                                           Toes to Bar! 


Sign in for Olympic Weightlifting with coach Joe on The Box HQ before all the spots are gone! First 20 in, it's already about half full. Your first class is free.

Friday Night Lights is THIS FRIDAY at 7:30PM. Food gets ordered tomorrow. The workout is written. Get on the list!


Warm Up

1 minute of double unders or double under attempts (No Singles!)

10 push ups

10 ring rows

10 second hold bottom of dip

10 Samson lunges



In 15 minutes establish a 1RM Split Jerk



50 Double Unders (Scale with singles X2)

12 Muscle Ups (Scaling options will be discussed in class and will be based on ability)

50 Double Unders

9 Muscle Ups

50 Double Unders

6 Muscle Ups

*25 Double Under penalty every time you drop from the rings