Weekend Fit - 11.17.2014

I wanted to start weekly column over here where we highlight how some members have applied their fitness to all sorts of athletic endeavors, from competitions to hikes, surf trips to 10ks.  We want you to use what you learn in the gym to get out into the real world and just have fun doing things better, or trying something new.  I'd ask that you try to email me with a brief description of what you've been up to and a photo by the following Monday (shaun.cleary@gmail.com).  And here are just a few of our entries for this first week:

Kait, Julia, Baxt, and Andrew (supported by Ilch, Keri, Joey, and Amanda) competed at the "Epic Showdown" against a stalked RX and Scaled division.  Highlights include Kait's first place sweep in the RX women's division and Andrew's third place atop the scaled podium.

Keri was on team VO2theMaxx at the Long Island Affiliate League, and took second place with her team in the RX Division 

Janey and her mom had a little mother-daughter bonding session at the Long Island Strong (wo)man seminar.

Matt Z. took on his first Ironman and did awesome.  (he swears he's coming back now that that's over with!)

Ed R. took on the Wodfather at Empire State CrossFit and took 3rd place.



I'm sure I missed a ton of awesome things, so make sure to email me next week with what you've been up to (shaun.cleary@gmail.com).  Comment below with additions!