New Website and Program Updates

Did anyone notice the new website?!

Thank you to Supercleary for slaving at a computer while chugging coffee to get this done. There are some programs and some people you will notice on the new website. I would like to take a moment to introduce them to you.

Welcome Molly Zarba and Corey Berger to our coaching staff! Molly will be handling our CrossFit Kids program that is going to launch in January, and Corey is beginning his internship program with us shortly!

There are some programs on the website that are not available yet but will be soon. Most importantly, the classes you currently enjoy will not change. The classes you take at KIP every day will be considered “performance” classes. We will continue to offer a full schedule of these classes, while we add additional programs to the schedule.

The “Fitness Program” - Will launch as a tester in December and will go fully active in January

The “Competition Program” - Will be an option for everyone who would like an additional challenge in group class and will be expanded upon over the next few weeks

The “Mobility and Active Recovery” - Will be starting in December on Sundays before Team Fitness (The Artist formerly known as Partner Sunday)

The “Barbell Club” - Will be launching shortly. We have hired a professional Olympic Lifting coach with 30 years experience in the sport to take over Saturday Olympic lifting classes. This guy is 55 years old and he still squats 600+ pounds. There will be a nominal fee of $10 to take his class each Saturday and believe me when I tell you, it’s a bargain. We will continue to program olympic lifting (like we do now) on Saturdays for you to perform during open gym for no additional charge should you prefer that option.

The “Pricing Programs” - Only affect you if you would like them to. All of your memberships are grandfathered in. If you like your membership the way it is, you do not have to select a new membership option. Your pricing will never go up.

The “Membership Perks” - Our way of saying “thank you” for making a commitment to us.  All current members have the ability to put a temporary freeze on their account and receive a functional assessment.  Freezes are used if you know you’ll be out of town or injured for a month or more.  Functional assessments, which will roll out next month in testing and will go fully active in January, are one-on-one or small group tests done with our coaching staff that will help you determine the cause of movements pains or difficulties. The functional assessment takes about 15 minutes. Prehab/Rehab consultations at The Active Life are also available to all members and are meant to deal with injuries and pain, it takes about 15 minutes.

Please email us, comment below, or talk to your coaches if you have any concerns, questions, thoughts, or feedback to make this website, the gym programs, or the greater community better.