WOD - 11.13.2014

Results from 11.12.2014

Results from 11.12.2014


Friday Night Lights Reminder

When - Friday, November 21, 7:30pm - Until we shut it down (This will not be every Friday. Once a month to start)

Where - At the gym

Who - Everyone

What - "Friday Night Lights" is an hour-ish long workout that no one wants to leave after. It is an unsupervised class that most, if not all of our coaches will be attending and working out at. This event WILL NOT be coached, be prepared to choose appropriate scaling weights and movements on your own. We will make modification suggestions prior to beginning the warm-up, but once that warm-up starts, you are on your own! The workout will not be posted online, you will have to come in to find out what you have gotten yourself into. We promise one thing about the programming, it will be hard, very hard. Expect high skill gymnastics, heavy weights, and a lot of fun. Again, we will discuss scaling options the night of so everyone is welcome and encouraged. Even if you don't want to work out, come enjoy the good times!

Friday Night Lights will be catered in part by The Beach House! The Beach House will be bringing some wraps and snack food, I told them to bring enough for 50 people, make me order more! If you would like to bring additional food items you are welcome to (but don't feel bad about eating if you don't).

DJ Sean Pearsall will be taking care of the music for us all night so no one needs to worry about my playlists either. Be excited... It's Friday Night Lights!

Sign up sheet is at the white board - get your name on it.

Warm Up

Run 200m

7 Burpees

10 Lunges

10 Beat Swings (kips)


In 15 minutes establish a 3RM Split Jerk


4 sets with 1 minute rest between each set:

In 3 minutes:

Run 400m

AMRAP Burpees in remaining time

*If you're sore this will be a great recovery workout. If you're not, you need this. Find a way to get your butt to the gym for this workout!